The Internet has put us in The Age of Truth, pros and cons

Because of technology and the Internet, we’re living in the age of truth. With technology, everything is exposed; the Internet is a resource where anything we want to know about is literally at our fingertips. We’re now seeing every aspect of almost any given subject in its entirety. Nothing much is a secret anymore, all it takes is a statement on a high-traffic blog or a social networking site and it can easily and casually become common knowledge. A politician is running for office, all it can take is someone to drudge up a video of him in a not-so-nice light and his career is potentially diminished.

Some classify this time as The Age of Aquarius, which means an awakening in humanity when things are exposed for what they really are. I link this as a result of the Internet. It’s hard not to notice how different life is now as opposed to what it was even 15 years ago and how this new way of life isn’t going anywhere (and even if it was, our lives are changed for good).

We live in a time that’s completely different from any other age in history. Kids are being born using technology and having it so engrained in their lives, they don’t know any other way. This is good as it is bad. It’s bringing us together and it’s isolating us at the same time. People are finding what they need but are engaging less in the lives in front of them. Through blogging, social media and Internet dating, people are finding other people they wouldn’t necessarily meet in their own lives, which is good but we’re becoming dependent on it. We’re pinpointing specifics and requiring more specific things instead of accepting the whole.

As I’ve stated before, the Internet is a very powerful tool, we must learn to use it as one and not abuse its power. It’s never been easier to impact so many people at once, we need to take advantage of that.


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